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Some Frequently Asked Questions that you might like to ask

How long is the Park open?
The Park is open 52 weeks a year and you are free to visit your Holiday Home all year round, but it may not be used as a permanent address.

How much is the Park Fee?
The Park Fees for Caravan Holiday Homes start from only £2,795*. Park Fees start from £3,350 to £3,850 for Twin Unit Holiday Homes and Luxury Lodges, inclusive of VAT, dependant on the location at the resort.

When do I pay the Park Fees?
The Park Fee for the following season is due for payment by the 1st January.

Is the Park Fee included in the Purchase Price?
Yes, as a special promotional offer, the Park Fee will be included for the remainder of the current season*.

What other running costs will I have?

  • Local Authority Rates – Levied by the council to cover Water, Sewerage etc. are approx. £300 and due in July
  • Insurance – Each Holiday Home needs to be insured and vary according to the reinstatement value.
  • Gas & Electric – Metered to each Holiday Home individually.

What are the prices of the Holiday Homes and Lodges available for sale?
We have Holiday Home packages starting at £44,995* (Dacre Lakeside park and pre-owned) single unit lodges from £79,995.00 and Luxury Lodges available from £159,995.00 subject to availability. Please contact us for more information on the current range of Holiday Homes and Lodges that we have for sale.

Does the park have security?
Yes, we have CCTV and remote controlled electric gates which are closed every evening.

What warranty is there on the Holiday Homes?
There is a manufacturer’s warranty included with new Holiday Home and Luxury Lodge, Length of term and conditions are dependant on the manufacturer. Internal appliances are to be registered by the home owner.

Can I rent out my Holiday Home/Lodge?
We are afraid not, Owners, friends and family are welcome although private rental is not permitted here.

How much does it cost to fish the lakes or play golf?
Details and pricing are available at the Dacre Lakeside reception. Golf and fishing are available to all our Holiday Home owners.

Do I need a permanent address and can I have post sent here?
You must have a prime residential address in addition to your Holiday Home at the park. We do not facilitate post being accepted at the park as this would indicate that you are using the Holiday Home as your main place of residence. You may have post re-directed from your home address to the Reception at Dacre Lakeside Park if you are staying at your Holiday Home for a length of time.

Are dogs allowed on the Park?
We would love you to bring your family pet, they can be freely exercised around the park, we just ask that you keep them on a lead at all times, and We would ask you to clean up after your pets.

How many years can I keep my Holiday Home on the Park?
You can keep your Caravan Holiday Home on the park for a minimum of 15 years, from date of manufacturer; Holiday Homes built to BS 3632 Residential Specification for a minimum of 20 years, Single Unit Lodges for a minimum of 25 years, Twin Unit Luxury Lodges from a minimum of 30-99 years.

Please call in and visit us at the Sales Centre to view the range of models that we currently have available for sale.

*Rateable plot fee applies

**All subject to availability.

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